Created as a solution to the global shortage of hand sanitiser for frontline workers as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Homecare Independent Living (www.HCIL.com) has developed a range of dermatologically tested, skin friendly hand hygiene products for use on the go and my hand care was born...

Our Story

Following a widely reported global shortage of hand sanitiser and PPE for frontline health care workers, the my hand care development team worked closely with staff in Homecare Independent Living (www.HCIL.com) to develop products that would work for them on the move. The my hand care team wanted to safely produce a product that would be readily available not only to HCIL staff but to the wider public, supporting the efforts of frontline defence against COVID-19.

In consultation with HCIL staff about what they would like in a hand hygiene product, there were two key asks:

· Gentle on the hands

· Suitable for in-between hand washing

So…. that’s what we have created.

The my hand care products are very well priced and readily available for distribution, with a contribution from every sale being donated to iCare Charity.