Helping to protect you against germs and bacteria while keeping your hands moisturised.

Protect against germs and bacteria


Perfect for on the go. Keep safe when out and about at work or at school

100ml Personalised Bottles

Our Products

my hand care sanitising gel is formulated based on the WHO recommended hand gel formulation II. Our safe and effective formula is optimised to kill germs while leaving your hands feeling moisturised. The gel will dry down in seconds and is ideal for use on the go.


Below you will see all products we offer, these are our starting prices, please contact us if you would like to make a purchase or for more information about discounts on bulk orders. 


my hand care 150ml 

£2.00 +VAT

5L_new copy.jpg

my hand care 5L

£25.00 + VAT

white gloves.jpg

Vinyl Gloves (50 Pairs)



my hand care 300ml 

£3.00 + VAT


Small Hand Sanitising Stand


3 ply Surgical Masks

£0.34 (Per Mask)

*Masks come in boxes of 50


my hand care 2L

£12.00 + VAT


Large Hand Sanitising Stand


myhandcare 100ml

£1.50 + VAT

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iCare Charity

With our mission to give back as much as we can during this crisis, a contribution from every sale is being donated to iCare to aid their efforts in creating and delivering fresh food parcels and everyday essentials to those families most in need in our community.

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